Designer update: Lyudmila Lane

We Caught up with Gala Finalist Lyudmila Lane after she stunned the GFW audience with her exquisitely, elegant Grey and Orange collection. So here's a short interview with Lyudmila.

Tell ‘Keep The Wolf’ a little about yourself.

Just graduated UCA Rochester in Fashion Innovation and Management. I started later than most because I raised two daughters but I think my life experience made me very focused on my goals. I’m not new to the Fashion, I previously worked in the knitwear industry for eight years but being in college I wanted to use my opportunity to experiment with different media that’s why I chose to use pleating for my final collection. I think pleats can be discovered in many different ways but I will come back to knitwear in one of my future collections.

Tell us about your graduate collection (inspiration/concept/fabrics etc)

My collection is very flowing, elegant and chic. The inspiration came from moving sculptures of Peter Jensen. It’s a combination of simple structured dresses with soft flowing pleated pieces and loose draped pleating garments which represent movement in the slow motion. My favorite piece in my collection is a coat with sleeves and cape joined together. It can be worn with the cape lifted up which creates interesting feature. I used polyester for the pleated pieces for the perfect hold of pleats but I’ve also used a silk chiffon and silk satin for the structured pieces to create this chic and soft look.

Talk us through the process you went through to to your final collection

- How long did it take?
For me it felt like the time completing this collection lasted forever. There’s so much time spent recording every change and going through deep analysis of the collection's progress, but it is a good process for all students to learn and go through.

- What the best part of the process for you ?
I think I enjoyed every moment working on my collection. I felt as if I grew as a designer every day. Even going through not sleeping nights and rushing next day back to Uni, but at the end of the day it made my life complete.

Where can ‘Keep the Wolf’ readers buy your clothes?

I’m very exited to say that my collection will be selling very soon on the online shop ‘Not Just A Label’. Also I will be adding a few new garments to my existing collection which is adapted to every day wear.

Where would you like to be selling your future collections?

I would love to sell my garments in Bluebird in the future.

What does the future hold for Lyudmila?

I don’t know yet but I feel adrenalized about everything waiting for me ahead, I’m sure there will be up and downs but what makes me content is I will be doing what I always loved and finally what I’m really good at.

After going through the a long process of creating this innovative and feminine collection Lyudmila has achieved respect as a new and up coming design who has clearly got a lot more talent to show in the near future.